Epstein case, Prince Andrew finds an agreement with the accuser Virginia Giuffre: he will pay compensation

from Luigi Ippolito

The son of Queen Elizabeth pledged to pay a sum reserved for the woman who accuses her of sexual abuse. The New York Times: Andrea will also make a substantial donation to an organization in support of victims of abuse

From our correspondent
LONDON – Prince Andrew got away with it. Queen Elizabeth’s son has achieved a out-of-court agreement with his accuser Virginia Giuffre: this means that Andrea will not have to face a trial in court for sexual violence, an event that risked dragging the whole British royal family into the mud. a surprise turn in the affair involving the prince: Giuffre had previously said that he would not agree to withdraw the civil suit filed against Andrea in exchange for money, because he was demanding justice for himself for the other victims of sexual abuse. In turn, the prince’s lawyers had upped the ante, asking for a public trial in front of a jury with the aim of denigrating Giuffre and debunking the accusations. Now, however, the parties have announced that they have reached an “agreement in principle”, the amount of which has not been disclosed: consequently, the legal process will be dropped.

Andrea pledged to make a substantial donation to support victims of sexual abuse and praised Virginia Giuffre’s courage, stating that he never intended to denigrate her. The woman had sued the prince for rape last August, claiming that she was raped by him over twenty years ago, when she was only 17 years old.: Virginia was one of the girl victims of pedophile tycoon Jeffrey Epstein and his mistress and accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. Andrea had always denied any accusation, claiming that she did not even remember ever meeting her alleged victim.

The sensational turning point in the case occurs after Giuffre had to admit that she no longer had the original of the famous photo with her, which portrays her as a girl embraced by Andrea: the prince’s lawyers had implied that the image could be a fake. Furthermore, they had made it clear that their trial strategy would center on the fact that Giuffre had possibly been a girl recruiter herself for Epstein and Maxwell, thus complicit in the trafficking of minors for sexual purposes. Whatever the case, the woman agreed to go back into the shadows in exchange for money.

AND the biggest sigh of relief comes from the royal family: The idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAndrea’s trial at the same time as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations sent chills down my spine. However, a rehabilitation of the prince appears very unlikely: he was deprived of all royal and military titles and can no longer bear the title of Royal Highness. He too destined to remain in the shadows, marked by suspicion.

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