Leave the Ottawa police chief Minister: “The threat is now serious”

from Sara Gandolfi

Peter Sloly resigns, who did not stop the trucks entering the capital. Eleven protesters accused of conspiracy for murder, an arsenal of weapons and ammunition in the trailer

Dramatic acceleration in the management of the no vax protest in Canada. The police chief of the capital was forced to resign on Tuesday, following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to decree the national state of emergency after more than two weeks of freeway blocks and paralysis in major cities.

Peter Sloly’s firing follows sharp criticism of crisis management in Ottawa, where the police at the beginning of the protest did not prevent the trucks and tractors from entering the historic center and then often found themselves outnumbered than the protesters. Like other Ottawa residents, I witnessed in disbelief that this carnival chaos was allowed to continue, said Diane Deans, president of the Ottawa Police Services Council, in announcing Sloly’s resignation, adding that the protesters have transformed the center in a street party with big screens, hot tubs and an outdoor gym. Sloly said he did everything he could to keep the city safe, calling it an unprecedented and unpredictable crisis.

The federal state of emergency, never used so far, allows the police to seize the vehicles used in the blocks and the government will be able to formally ban demonstrations in areas such as border crossings, airports and Ottawa, the country’s capital. However, Trudeau continues to reject the hypothesis of using the military to restore order. Most of the blockages at the border crossings between Canada and the United States have been removed, but the center of Ottawa was still blocked by over 36o trucks on Wednesday (at the height of the protest there were 4,000).

Meanwhile, in the province of Alberta, the first real alarm bell against the possible insurrectional drift of the Freedom Convoy, the Convoy of freedom, as the protest no vax has been renamed. Thirteen of the protesters arrested in connection with a blockade at the Coutts border crossing are charged with conspiracy to murder. During a search of a trailer on Monday at dawn, officers seized guns, body armor, large quantities of ammunition and loaders of firearms.

Interviewed by the national CBC network, Canadian Justice Minister David Lametti supported the decision to decree a state of emergency: beyond the ability of the provinces to face this critical situation alone – he said – I think the threat of serious violence is real. I think the threat to critical infrastructure is real … and so we need to act.

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