Ukraine-Russia, Italy gives NATO its availability. But the Parliament decides on the sending of the Italian soldiers

from Maria Teresa Meli

Alerted up to 2 thousand soldiers to be deployed in Eastern countries. Minister Guerini: dialogue is our priority

Italy ready to do its part and he has already confirmed that he is willing to give his contribution if NATO decides to strengthen the device deployed to defend the south-eastern side of Europe. That is, i our militaryif at the meeting of NATO defense ministers, scheduled for 16 and 17 Februaryit will be decided to intensify deterrence actions towards Russia, they are ready for an eventual departure for the BulgariaL’Hungarythe Slovakia and the Romans to.

But a new Italian mission to cope with the crisis in Ukraine will first have to be authorized by the Italian Parliament. On this Lorenzo Guerini He was very clear in his hearing in the Defense Committees of the Chamber and Senate on 8 February last: Further activities will obviously be subjected to parliamentary discussion, together with any further moments of discussion in relation to the evolution of the crisis. Not to mention the fact – another fact that our Defense Minister is well aware of – that it must be there also the green light of the host countries.

In this case Italy could send up to two thousand soldiers. But the number has not yet been decided, still too early for an official estimate: to get a clearer picture we need to wait for the meeting of the defense ministers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization which will start next Wednesday. Anyway, that’s it as requested by NATOthe general staff of our defense already has increased readiness of the reinforcement departments, or the speed with which they will be able to take a stand. So, if necessary, after the go-ahead from Parliament and the ok from the host countries, the Italian military could arrive in a few days to garrison the south-eastern side of Europe.

The minister Guerinithat a man who likes to weigh both gestures and words, it is moving with great foresight at this juncture, convinced of the fact that it is necessary to proceed on a double trackcombining the military tool and the diplomacy. The owner of the Italian defense, in constant contact with his NATO colleagues, knows that the risk of a very high escalation and therefore believes that work must be done so as not to further fuel the tension. But at the same time Guerini believes it is necessary send Russia a message clear and unambiguous: An attack in Kiev would have serious consequences. Therefore, the main road of the Italian government is that of insist on the possibilities of dialogue in all locations and at the same time not to renounce absolutely the fundamental principles of safety that must be guaranteed. the same path taken by all NATO allies.

Italy, however, is already involved in NATO operations in that area. They fall within the scope of the mission resolution for 2022, in continuity with the missions approved for last year. Moreover, in general, after the United States ours is among the countries with the most soldiers engaged in the missions of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

In Latviathe Baltic country located on the border between Russia and Belarus, are present 250 Italian soldiers: a battalion of Alpine troops with heavy armored vehicles Centauro. Last week the defense minister flew to Latvia and met them. On that occasion Guerini also had an interview with his Latvian counterpart Artis Pabriks. Our Eurofighter fighters are in Constanta, Romania: are intended to protect the airspace near the Black Sea. Basically, they defend the skies of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Slovenia, Romania and Montenegro (i.e. countries with old fighters or without interceptors) to promptly identify any violation or infringement and take appropriate countermeasures. It’s still, Italian ships patrol the eastern Mediterranean where in recent times the presence of Russian ships has intensified.

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