Ukraine-Russia, the latest news live: Moscow announces the end of military exercises in Crimea

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The latest news on the crisis between Ukraine and Russia, after the glimmers of Tuesday, and the meeting between Putin and Scholz

The attempts of diplomacy to put an end to the crisis between Ukraine and Russia continue (here the explanation of the origins of the tensions), after Moscow has – in recent days – amassed thousands of troops on the border with Ukraine. On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and reassured his country’s will (We don’t want war). US President Joe Biden explained that an invasion (of Ukraine by Russia) is still possible.

9.30 am – Von der Leyen: The facts follow yesterday’s signs of hope
We send a very clear message to Russia: do not choose war. The path of cooperation is still possible. This was stated by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, in her speech to the European Parliament in the debate on Ukraine. To be careful, despite yesterday’s news, NATO has not yet seen any signs of a reduction in troop escalation. And, should the Kremlin choose violence against Ukraine, our response will be strong and united. The President of the Commission then discussed the sanctions in preparation against Russia in the event of aggression: We will hit strategic interests by differentiating our economy. Europe, you said, the world leader of high-tech components for which Russia completely depends on us, our sanctions can really leave their mark and the Kremlin knows it well. Europe’s reaction will be robust and strong The Commission has been working on a robust package of sanctions, which will go far beyond just freezing assets and blocking travel to some. Finally, in terms of energy, we are ready: in the event that Russia uses energy as a weapon, several countries are ready to increase their LNG exports to the EU. We have already strengthened our pan-European pipeline and our electricity interconnection network. This will also be the backbone of the green hydrogen supply.

9 am – The day in Europe
This morning debate in the EU Parliament on the crisis in Ukraine with presidents Michel and von der Leyen as well as EU High Representative Borrell. A meeting of NATO defense ministers is also scheduled. Yesterday, Secretary General Stoltenberg spoke at a press conference of cautious optimism for a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis but also stressed that there are no signs of a significant and lasting withdrawal of Russian troops and war materials from the Ukrainian border.

8.30 – The end of military exercises in Crimea
Russia announced the end of military exercises in Moscow-annexed Crimea where the deployment of troops had fueled fears of an invasion of Ukraine. The soldiers, the Ministry of Defense announced in a statement, are returning to their garrisons: the news follows a first withdrawal of Russian troops from the borders of Ukraine yesterday. There is currently no confirmation from European sources, the Atlantic Alliance or the United States.

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