Ukrainian crisis, “Kiev neo-Nazis” ready to invade the Donbass in the pro-Kremlin media

Press review of Russian media, where “the enemy is at the gates” (and it is NATO) and Ukraine is in the hands of “far-right paramilitary groups” that influence Zelensky

The enemy at the gates. Not the ferocious Russian bear ready to invade shy Ukraine, but rather battalions of neo-Nazi fanatics complete with helmets decorated with swastikas that they would prepare to attack Donbass inhabited by peaceful Russian-speaking citizens (and most of them have passports issued by Moscow). To bring these “liberated” areas back under the yoke of the corrupt Kiev government, subservient to the United States and viscerally anti-Russian. This is the idea of ​​the situation that comes painted daily by dozens of media more or less controlled by the Kremlin and which is now shared by a good part of the population. Wrongly, but in the end not entirely. The Russian one is certainly propaganda, but it largely balances the equally unidirectional one that is spread from the opposite side.

It is undoubtedly true that in Ukraine there are g far-right paramilitary groups who do everything they can to influence President Zelensky’s line. And that these groups have formed fighting units that are, at the very least, “tolerated” by the central power. Of course, in the hottest moments of the clashes with the Donbass separatists, Ukrainian militants were seen armed to the teeth wearing Nazi helmets (complete with the SS symbol). But from this to affirm, as the Russian media often do, that in Kiev the situation is in the hands of the heirs of those who joined Hitler’s troops on the march towards Moscow. The network Al Jazeera has relaunched the securities of a Moscow newspaper in which there is very little truth: «Donetsk surrounded; Horlivka cut out. Ukrainian cyber troops and NATO have already started a new war in the Donbass ». News that though it is coupled with what is claimed by those Western media that consider the Russian attack on the whole of Ukraine “practically already begun”.

The thesis repeated over and over in Russia is always the same. The Ukrainians, pushed by NATO, are preparing to attack the independent Donbass in order to annihilate it and involve Russia. The director of the foreign secret services SVR Sergej Naryshkin officially says, copied abundantly by newspapers and TV: “They are preparing for war to destroy independent republics and involve Russia in an internal Ukrainian conflict”. The senior Russian official says he has received news of the arrival on the front line even of “multiethnic groups of jihadist guerrillas”. The Investigative Committee, according to a TV linked to the Ministry of Defense, would denounce the presence near the border of far-right volunteers who shoot passersby, schools and hospitals in Lugansk and Donetsk. And Eduard Basurin too, head of the people’s militia of the republic of Donetsk speaks of the arrival of “Polish mercenaries”.

Russia continues to argue that it has no intention of invading the neighboring country and, in truth, even independent politicians do not believe that the Kremlin wants to wage war. Difficult to blame Putin, when he claims that it is the Ukrainians who have not implemented the 2015 Minsk agreements. And that their leader Zelensky doesn’t feel like making the nationalists who support him digest it the granting of that wide autonomy provided for by the agreement. Even if, after all, it would not be much more than what in Italy was given to South Tyrol.

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