Moving Right Along: New Site Features

Now that I've gotten my CSS-based horizontal navigation bar in place, there's a logical spot to put navigation that allows easy browsing to the major parts of the site: the blog, the code, and the articles. I'll move on to editing the sidebar to contain navigation based on the section of the site you're in. Right now, it's kinda hard-coded to navigate to parts of the blog specifically, because that's the app I first created the sidebar in. It's temporary -- bear with me.

Speaking of the blog, there's now an RSS feed for the blog, and comments are working. There is only one RSS feed right now, but as time and needs dictate, I'm happy to add more.

The code section is new, and is a place to put scripts that don't really require very long explanations that would be better suited to an article or blog post. Syntax highlighting works, courtesy of "pygments", which is a pretty nice tool from what I can tell. As far as I can tell, though, it won't do intelligent wrapping of long lines of code. I have a plugin for wordpress that tries to wrap long lines and insert a wrap icon kinda like they do in programming books and some magazines. It sorta works.

The "About" page is actually a test of the content management system, which will eventually host all of the articles that get (re)published here. Stay tuned for more as I migrate content from the old site to over here.

More stuff is planned. Search needs to be implemented, a few design and navigation tweaks, and once I get everything just right, I'll hopefully be able to get to work on more ambitious things. Until then, Enjoy!

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