A drag queen at the top of the Blizzard Energy on Biden

Graduated from MIT in Boston and high heels, Sam Brinton the new deputy assistant secretary for the disposal of fuels and waste, ended up in the crosshairs of the conservative US media

Graduated from MIT in Boston and stilettos. Sam Brinton is the name of the latest storm to hit Biden’s leadership. The conservative American press has been unleashed for days against the US president for having enlisted this 34-year-old drag queen among the heads of the nuclear energy department. A bold choice to say the least for detractors. A success for Brinton who last month proudly announced on social media that he had accepted the job dthe deputy assistant secretary for the disposal of fuels and waste . A sign of the times in this role doing what I’ve always dreamed of, leading the effort to solve the nation’s nuclear waste challenges, reacted Brinton, her home in Rockville, Maryland, with her husband Kevin.

His impeccable resume. A graduate in nuclear engineering from MIT in Boston, Brinton is the founder of Core Solutions Consulting, a company that provides high-level consultancy on technical issues such as nuclear waste management and nuclear non-proliferation policy. A guru of global nuclear waste strategy, the right person in the right place for training. Except that, critics complain, he can be seen walking around for the White House in dizzying stilettos and posing online with people in bondage outfits or disguised as a nun.

In the crosshairs of the anti-Biden there is therefore the other life of Brinton, that of an LGBTQ activist. Very active and open on social media, he defines himself a survivor of conversion therapy, inflicted on him as torture by his parents – two Southern Baptist missionaries – in the hope of straightening his sexual inclinations.
Sam Brinton, born male, has long declared itself queer, without a specific, non-binary gender. And he often shows up in public with flashy women’s clothes. A drag queen who, when speaking of herself in the third person, uses pronouns in the plural, indistinct in gender, rather than in the singular.
Especially his confessions caused a sensationconfirmed by a photo published by The american conservative which portrays him half naked holding a man on a leash. Brinton admitted to being part of the puppy communityof predominantly homosexual orientation, whose erotic pastime consists in simulating a relationship by imagining it as if it happened between dog and owner.

Brinton said she was the first gender fluid person to accept a role in federal government leadership. The story now on the desk in the Oval Office.

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