About Us

Technology is the driving force of today’s world. We don’t want any of the users to be left behind in this fast-paced and dynamic world. This is how the platform LinuxLaboratory came into being. We bring to you special content about devices and technology that you want to read about or that you should know about. 

Since the company was founded we have been able to publish 1000 highly curated and peer-reviewed articles, 150 comprehensive buying guides, and 250 explanatory videos. Our commitment towards simplifying the technology and devices has been intact throughout all this use, we intend to further intensify this commitment and publish even more content that will be extremely useful to all our readers.

Our readers are mostly average people who are not very familiar with the technical jargon. We understand this and that is why we curate content that is easy to understand, accessible, and crisp for not only our average reader but also for a slightly more informed reader. 

We work towards streamlining the whole process of dealing with devices for you. Right from research to understanding to buying to repairing to selling we have integrated all these features on our platform so as to make your life much easier.

We strive to add even more features to our platform that can facilitate other aspects of dealing with your devices. Stay tuned with us and keep letting us know what features do you expect and we will make sure that they turn out to be a reality very soon.

Our Headquarters:

24 Farnsworth Street,
MA 02210