Musk supports no-vax truckers “Prime Minister Trudeau as Hitler”

Of Massimo Gaggi

Tesla’s founder also attacks the SEC: “He persecutes me because I criticize the government.” American Jews: “The comparison between a democratic leader and a bloodthirsty dictator is unacceptable”

After Peter Thiel, it’s up to Elon Musk (co-founder with him of PayPal and now richest man in the world thanks to Tesla) to launch an anti-system libertarian campaign. Thiel, a billionaire who has supported Trump for years and does not hide his distrust in the institutions of parliamentary democracy, does so, as we have said in recent days, by massively funding the candidates of the most radical right and stating that he prefers the devastating conspiracy theories of the QAnon or the lies of Pizzagate (which almost caused a massacre) to the introduction of minimum rules in the world of communication.

Musk does it his way: he uses tweets and memes at night comparing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Hitler for his crackdown on the truckers’ protest. After a few hours he deletes everything, but in the meantime goes into conflict with the stock market supervisory authority: the SEC has been targeting him since 2018 for his tendency to spread reckless messages online that alter Tesla’s stock prices. The entrepreneur counterattacks through his lawyer accusing the federal agency of unjustly persecuting him: a retaliation for his hostility towards the Biden administration.

The Tesla founder is not officially part of the Trump stable, even if the former president went to pay homage personally to Cape Canaveral when SpaceX was the first (and still only) private company in the world to send astronauts into orbit, but in recent years he has shown several times a libertarian allergy to anti Covid rules and measures, going so far as to violate the sanitary lockdown decreed by the State of California by reopening its factories. Then the move from the Democratic West Coast to conservative Texas and, now, support for the revolt of Canadian truckers against vaccination obligations.

Seen in Canada as an offshoot of the rebel movements of the American right close to Trump, praised by conservative US TVs and by lawmakers who invited US truck drivers to follow the example of their Canadian colleaguesthe blockade of Ottawa, in place for almost a month now, has now induced Trudeau to pass, after weeks of tolerance, forced eviction. To which Musk – a skilled influencer who plays with ambiguity and uses a sometimes dark sarcasm – reacted on Wednesday night with a tweet in which an image of Hitler is dominated by the writing “Stop comparing me to Trudeau”.

Twelve hours later Musk withdrew it, but the reactions were equally harsh, from the Auschwitz Museum to the Committee of American Jews: unacceptable to criticize a democratic leader who tries to restore order comparing him to a dictator who exterminated millions of human beings. The entrepreneur did not reply, except for a tweet in which he invites you to read a book of Nazi economic history to “look for explanations that go deeper”.

Less sensational but institutionally more disruptive Musk’s rebellion against the Sec. Under fire since 2018 when he made Tesla’s values ​​soar by announcing a withdrawal of the stock from the market at a very high price (an operation that never materialized), Elon paid a $ 20 million finehe left the presidency of the company (remaining CEO) and undertook to submit in advance to his lawyers the tweets that could have influenced the market prices.

In reality, the billionaire has continued to rant about everything and, given that he is followed by millions of adoring followers, his words always influence the markets. He is now under investigation for having called (it was last November 16) a sort of online referendum on the subject “do I have to sell 10 percent of my Tesla shares to pay taxes?”.

In a letter to the Manhattan District Judge, Musk accuses the SEC of persecuting him. But, above all, by insinuating that the authority carries out vendettas on Biden’s behalf, he makes it clear how it will move in view of the next electoral cycle.

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