Our Team

Our team works to make this portal a one-stop place where you can find all the trending news and updates about technologies in the market. They research till they can serve you the best. Here is more about them.

Aaron White – Founder

With a degree from Yale University, Aaron White came with high expectations of the tech world. Soon he got disappointed by seeing that most of the innovations were being brought about only from the producers and the MNC’s point of view and not from the end-users viewpoint.

He felt that there was a huge gap between what the manufacturer of the devices was providing and what the consumer actually wanted.

To bridge this gap he felt two things were very crucial: one to improve the manufacturer’s knowledge, and two, to inform the consumer about The actual potential of the products. 

The whole world has been witness to the approach that he then took to bridge this gap, this is how LinuxLaboratory was born as a leading consumer forum platform. 

Natalie Anderson – Writer 

Leaving behind a highly paid job at a giant company, Natalie Anderson decided to go ahead with slightly less traveled food for her career path.

This is when she met the founder of LinuxLaboratory. Soon both realized how similar concerns were playing out in their minds and immediately decided to collaborate for the platform which is highly reputed today.

She took up the role of a chief content writer and started working towards building a team that would serve as the backbone of this platform for a very long term. 

Her achievements have been applauded widely and she feels that she has finally found the correct place to work; she intends to continue grooming the writing team at this platform for a very long period.