Putin’s table and the Italy-Spain dispute “We built it”

Of Giusi Fasano

The Italian manufacturer reiterates: made at the end of the nineties. We have furnished the whole building.

“Look, I’m not used to telling lies. I have here in front of me the drawings of the projects that the Russians sent us and even the sketches of the modifications. And what’s more, I also have here a book printed in Russia in 2000 in which you can see photos of various areas of the Kremlin. And there is also the living room with that table ».

A book from 2000?

So how do the Spaniards say that they made that table in 2005?
«Ah… I don’t know. You have to ask them. I know what I’m talking about and I can prove it. Then if the Kremlin orders two manufacturers from two different states to have the same table at two different times, I can’t know and can’t rule it out. I know of mine and I would find it curious if there were other similar ones commissioned elsewhere ».

And his, he has already told us, was created well before 2000 …
“Exactly. I made mine as part of a gigantic job that I did in the years ’95 -’96-’97. The now famous table was a very small part of the furniture of the building that can be seen behind the Lenin Mausoleum, the current seat of the president’s offices. That building, including the presidential residence, we at Oak furnished it entirely. ”

Renato Pologna he speaks from his home in Cantù, which is also the seat of his company. This story of the very long table (6 meters by 2.60) to which Putin he receives the heads of state to think about the Ukrainian crisis is becoming a diplomatic affair and he doesn’t know whether to have a good laugh or if he should worry about the image of his company. “Frankly, when I heard that someone from Spain is claiming the realization of the table, I thought: what’s going on?”

Some Iberian newspapers say that it was built in the Valencia area, a Spanish journalist confirmed this to Geppi Cucciari, on Rai3, by mentioning the name of the company. In short: who is right?
“I know what I’m talking about and, I repeat, I have here the proof of what I’m saying. I am thrilled that anyone would think that I am lying. And it cannot even be said that we participated in this or that detail: here, at Oak, we created it entirely from scratch, based on a design by Russian architects ».

So what does that mean to the Spaniards who claim paternity?
“The Spaniards are free to say what they want. If they have the evidence to do so, do it. Maybe there are more white tables like mine! I don’t know what to say more ».

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