The seducer with the Sikh turban managed to collect (and cheat) 14 wives

The man, now 64, would lure wealthy women to marriage sites, stale them, take their money, and then run away. A lawyer among his victims, but it was a teacher who discovered and denounced him. Now under arrest

He lured wealthy women, stiffened them, took their money and ran. He had even managed to deceive a lawyer from the Delhi High Court the Indian Casanova, as it was renamed in the local media Bibhu Prakash Swain. To discover the deception was instead a simple teacher, who had the courage to file a complaint, starting the investigation.
This serial seducer with the Sikh turban, now 64 years old, father of 5 children and originally from the state of Orissa, aka Ramesh Swain, was arrested with a long series of indictments, ranging from aggravated fraud, to deception, to the use of false identity, fraud and counterfeiting up to polygamy, strictly prohibited by Indian law (section 494 of the Marriage Act, criminalizes it).

Each of the unfortunates at the time of the wedding thought she was the only one chosen.

The charm of the middle-aged man, the thousand different identities, now a doctor, now a lawyer, now an engineer, an out of the ordinary shrewdness had allowed him to marry 14 wealthy women in 7 different cities, to appropriate their assets and then dump them and disappear after having cheated them and disappear.

It lured its prey on marriage sites, independent and culturally equipped women, some divorced: Highly educated female profiles, who hold important positions in various government and private sector organizations, specified the police commissioner of Bhubaneshwar, the city of Swain.

The investigation started after the complaint filed in July 2021 by his fourteenth wife, after learning of previous marriages.

A long career his. His first blow was struck 40 years ago, in 1982, when he married his first wife, an Indo-Tibetan border police officer in a Sikh temple in Delhi and defrauded her of the equivalent of almost 900 thousand euros. It was then convoluted for the second time in 2002. Once the formula had been tested, he then significantly shortened the interval between one union and another, until he reached 14.

Police said they will ask for longer pre-trial detention of the accused for a thorough investigation. We know that many of Swain’s victims have not come forward to press charges fearing they will lose social prestige, but we urge all of them to speak up, said Commissioner Dash.

A case destined to strengthen the defenders of arranged marriage, which remains the prevailing tradition in India, but opposed by the new urban generations.

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