Banks, big names in chocolate: the Queen’s Jubilee will be filled with logos

from Enrica Roddolo

Lloyds banking and Mondelez, McDonald’s and Burberry. The Jubilee of Elizabeth II will (also) be a celebration of business. With prestigious logos. And good peace of Napoleon who branded the English as a people of shopkeepers.

Banks, chocolate giants, Champagne and burgers. The Queen’s Jubilee will be an affair with many logos (and many zeros) for all tastes. Compromise of tradition and practicality. Of historical and modern rituality. The winning formula of the royal house in centuries of history.

Basically, with contemptuous spirit, Napoleon branded the English as a people of shopkeepers. But the spirit of business – from the financial City to the shopping streets – has always been London’s strength. So as June approaches, with the big celebrations scheduled for the climax of the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II, Charlie Nunn, CEO of Lloyds banking Group, announces the partnership with the Jubilee already in the history of Great Britain: We will be proud to be part of a moment of celebration and celebration of the communities of the country that will come together to mark the 70 years of service to the Queen’s country.

A celebration, that of the queen’s historic milestone, on which hung only the uncomfortable sword of Damocles of the landing in court of the case of Prince Andrew. Danger averted today with the agreement found between the parties in New York.

In fact, Lloyds is the first tailor-made partner identified by the complex organizing machine of the London Jubilee. It is not the only stellar sponsor already identified by the organizers of the Platinum Jubilee Pageant: the parade with cinematic colossal numbers that on June 5 will travel through London to celebrate the milestone of Queen Elizabeth.

BBC, the British public television service, will be the official broadcaster of the show which will be directed by Chairman Sir Michael Lockett with Nicholas Coleridge. Flanked by the CEO Rosanna Machado with the Pageant master, Adrian Evans.

But there will also be Cadbury, the historic British chocolate brand, holder of a Royal Warrant for over 167 years, part of the Mondelez food moloch since 2010.. Among the sponsors of the party in honor of the queen there will be quintessentially British fashion brands such as Burberry and jewelry brands such as Boodles, as well as global brands such as Moet & Chandon.

And again M&S and St James’s House, Air Partner, Bloomberg, CadoganEndava, Fortnum & Mason, McDonald’s, Meta, Sotheby’s, Waitrose & John Lewis and Whispering Angel.

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