Putin and the very long table that also divides him from his ministers

Videos released by the Kremlin on Monday show Putin sitting at a considerable distance even from his ministers, as he discusses the crisis between Russia and Ukraine. And the theories that try to explain why are multiplying: positive for Covid? a subject at risk?

The Russian president, Vladimir Putinsaw the Foreign Minister in the Kremlin on Monday 14 February Sergei Lavrov and that of Defense Sergei Shoigu.

It was not two close encounters.

The two members of the government were in fact kept at a safe distance, sitting at the ends of a very long table – apparently even longer than the one used to receive the French president. Emmanuel Macron.

Then it was said that the head of the Elysée he had not wanted to undergo the PCR test carried out by Russian doctors which would allow him to shake hands with the Russian leader.

But this motivation does not seem to be valid for Lavrov and Shoihu.

So what prompts Putin to be so cautious? a question that many are asking themselves in these hours.

Among these the veteran of the CNN Frederik Pleitgen which ironically: Putin found an even longer table to talk to his foreign minister. He waits to see the joke of another Internet user for the German Chancellor Scholz.

While the correspond of the Guardian Shaun Walker comments on Twitter: The photos released by the Kremlin do not reassure people that Putin has not become an isolated leader ready to make senseless decisions.

Just 4 days ago, Putin met the president of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, receiving him at a much smaller table and shaking his hand.

There are those who hypothesize one positivity of the president (the infections were over 180 thousand, and the deaths 680, in the last 24 hours); who dares the hypothesis of a disease that would make the Kremlin leader more vulnerable and therefore to be protected.

Whatever the truth is, the world wonders while Ukraine on thebrink of war.

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