Remington Arms Company compensates Sandy Hook massacre victims

from Guido Olimpio

the first time it happens: the company will pay $ 73 million. 26 people died in the massacre. Biden’s comment: Manufacturers are responsible

Joe Biden spoke of a historic agreement and he is probably not wrong. Remington agreed to pay $ 73 million to 9 families of the children killed in the Sandy Hook school, in 2012. On December 12 of that year, Adam Lanza, a 20-year-old with serious mental problems, kills his mother Nancy and then breaks into the institution he had attended. In a few moments he mows down 26 people, most of them elementary school students, then he takes his own life. In five minutes he fires 154 shots. A lethal action where the killer uses a Bushmaster rifle manufactured by Remington. A modus operandi seen dozens of times in US high schools and universities transformed into shooting galleries by unstable or insane people.

Relatives of the children accused Remington of advertising put up for sale a product that had the characteristics of a war weapon, a piece that was not to be offered on the civilian market. A thesis rejected by the defense of the company which in the end had to give up. A conclusion welcomed positively by the associations who are fighting for more controls and from the White House itself.

The tragedy of Sandy Hook, in Newtown, Connecticut encompasses all aspects of a threat that is sometimes more serious than terrorism: that represented by large-scale shooters, mass shooters. Adam, despite his personal troubles, has always refused treatment and his mother has indulged a passion for weapons. She herself, for fear of losing him, avoided taking a firm line in favor of forced hospitalization. She thought she could assist him alone and was contemplating changing cities. The young man, in a state of self-enclosure, spent hours playing video games and often remained closed in his room in the dark, refusing direct contacts.

In that confined environment he conducted research on other perpetrators of massacres, kept count of the victims, he had developed his own archive on a long series of violent episodes. And, sadly, he had access to a small arsenal, with a pair of pistols, a shotgun, another with .22 caliber and plenty of ammunition. A progressive drift that led him to become the executioner of innocent little ones.

To the pain of the families is also added the desperation for the crazy conspiracy theories, supported by circles of the far right, tending to deny the existence of the massacre. For some it was a plan by the Obama administration to place restrictions on the possession and sale of weapons. Unclear what triggered Adam Lanza, the police have not identified a precise motive and he meticulously destroyed his computer so that they couldn’t get any data out of it. One hypothesis that Nancy’s plan – long divorced from the killer’s father – to leave Newtown to move West may have sparked the final explosion.

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