Ukraine-Russia, the latest news live today

Germany asks the Kremlin to “withdraw its troops” deployed on the borders of Ukraine. The latest news for today, February 15th, is being updated

8.20 am – Guterres (UN): “Deeply concerned about the growing tensions”. Yesterday talks with the ministers of Moscow and Kiev
The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, said he was “deeply concerned” by the growing tensions and speculations about a potential military conflict in Europe. “The price of human suffering, destruction and damage to European and global security would be too high,” he said. Guterres reported having spoke yesterday with the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine to whom he reiterated that there is no alternative to diplomacy, asked for the intensification of diplomatic efforts and offered UN support.

7.50 am – Berlin urges Moscow to “withdraw troops” from the border
The German government once again invites Moscow to “withdraw its troops” from the areas bordering Ukraine: the request comes through the Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbockin the hours in which the chancellor Olaf Scholz is preparing to arrive in Moscow to meet President Vladimir Putin. Baerbock points out that “the situation is particularly dangerous and could escalate at any moment”; therefore “we must exploit all the opportunities for dialogue to reach a peaceful solution”, added the minister according to whom the responsibility for de-escalation lies “obviously” with Russia and “it is up to Moscow to withdraw its troops”.

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