United Kingdom, Scotland Yard investigates the founding of Prince Charles

from Luigi Ippolito

A new scandal strikes the Windsors: the police have opened an investigation into the money paid by a Saudi billionaire to the body chaired by the heir to the British throne

FROM CORRESPONDENT LONDON Another scandal strikes the royal family. This time it’s not about sex – as in the case of Prince Andrew – but about money: money paid by a Saudi billionaire to the Prince Charles Foundation in exchange for honors and citizenship. Scotland Yard has opened an investigation into the body chaired by the heir to the British throne: e the future king could be called to testify.

The police investigation – conducted by the same team that investigates Partygate, the Downing Street parties during the lockdowns – triggered after the complaint, last September, by an anti-monarchist group: in the crosshairs Michael Fawcett, Carlo’s former right-hand manwho allegedly acted as an intermediary on behalf of Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, a very wealthy Arab who paid to the Carlo Foundation over one and a half million pounds (almost two million euros).

After a lot of lobbying, in 2016 the Saudi was awarded the high honor of Commander of the British Empire (the equivalent of our commendatore): but, bizarrely, it was given to him in a private, semi-clandestine ceremony at Clarence House, Carlo’s residence, rather than during a public event, as is normally the case. Almost as if they wanted to keep the matter hidden.

After the facts came to light in the press, Fawcett was forced to resign from the leadership of the Foundation last October: a real disappointment for Carlo, as the two have been linked by very close relationships for decades. I can do without anyone, but not Michael, Carlo said: more than an assistant, Fawcett was a friend and confidant, with whom he shared hunting trips. The valet had already had to resign for the first time, in 2003, when he had been accused of selling himself royal gifts: but he had been cleared and promptly resumed by the prince.

Carlo’s spokespersons denied that theheir to the throne had some knowledge of an alleged exchange between honors and donations to his foundations: but in any case the prince is ready to help the investigation, which means that could answer investigators’ questions.

As soon as it seemed that the infamous chapter of Prince Andrew, who avoided the trial only thanks to a multimillion-dollar compensation to the woman who accuses him of sexual violence, has now opened another criminal investigation that potentially involves another son of Elizabeth: for the queen, what was supposed to be the year of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, her 70 years of reign, is turning into a latro annus horribilis.

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