Use, shoot to stop a robber but hit and kill a 9 year old girl

from Paolo Foschi

A man who had just been attacked at an ATM reacted by shooting at a van where he thought the robber had got on, but on board there was a family passing by by chance on the road

One more street shooting, still an innocent victim of firearms in the United States. And this time the news, which comes from Houston (Texas)even more dramatic, because a 9-year-old girl lost her life. According to US news agencies, in fact, a man just robbed at an ATM shot to stop the assailant, but hit the little girl, Arlene Alvarez, who was sitting in the back seat of a van. The little girl was transported to the hospital, where she died shortly after arrival. The man who opened fire, Tony Earls, 41, was arrested shortly after. he himself called the police to report the robbery, but he said he didn’t realize he hit the van.

According to the reconstruction of the investigators, around 9.45 in the evening Earls and his wife were at the ATM when another man approached them threatening them with an automatic pistol, getting all the money they had. The assailant then escaped on foot and Earls, who had a gun with him, opened fire, aiming at a van he thought the robber had gotten into. Instead, the vehicle was carrying a family of five who had nothing to do with the robbery. “We were headed to our favorite restaurant. My daughter was listening to music with headphones “ the poignant tale of the victim’s father“When I heard the first shots I shouted at everyone to throw themselves down, but she did not listen to me, the only one who did not listen to me and was hit”.

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