Templates, URLConf, Django Generic Views, and more.

In trying to add more features from the 2nd Edition of "Practical Django Projects" to LinuxLaboratory.org, I really feel like chapter 6 has put me through the wringer so far, and I'm only about 2/3 through! There are a few bugs in that chapter already, and I'm also having to catch places where I need to restart my web server because I'm not using the development server. I also went "off the path" a bit to figure out how to get CSS to work, and how to get static files (like CSS files) that have nothing to do with the admin interface loaded by some other apache instance to save resources.

By the way, unless it's just late and my eyes are going, the term "CSS" doesn't appear in the index of the book. Nor does "style sheet", "cascading style sheet", or anything else I could think of. Also, "MEDIA_URL" isn't in the index. This is just proof of a long-standing theory I and a few others have that, on the whole, technical book indexes are horribly, disgustingly, frighteningly BAD. But I digress...

So far, I feel like I just barely have the basics at this point. Chapter six is The Big Scary Template Chapter That Ate My Brain, and I still have to go and create some templates based on what I learned in that chapter. No biggie. I guess I could cheat and download the code from the publisher's web site, but I'm already cheating by typing a lot of what's here right now directly from the book (just to test -- once I realize it works I sometimes add stuff).

So, if you're reading this within 24 hours of my writing it, chances are my navigation section is floating around in space or at the bottom of the page. I know - I'll fix it. Just getting them to show up and do stuff has been a bit of work and learning, and to be honest, as I write this, most of the links are broken because I'm not done creating all of the templates. I'll get there :)

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