First Post!

So here she is. This is the very embryonic-stage Django app that will slowly morph into a living, breathing

What you're looking at right now is just the blog app from James Bennett's "Practical Django Projects, Second Edition". It's not impressive, but I wanted to get something put together quickly to refresh my memory on Django and get rolling. I also picked up some nice pointers about newer versions of Django (last time I used it was just before 1.0 was released).

By the way, if anyone is struggling with the blog application in that book and you're using django 1.1, note that there are perhaps two bugs to be aware of:

  1. django-tagging's stable release is not compatible with django 1.x. You have to checkout from /trunk.
  2. This causes " syncdb" to fail silently. Even if you strace it you won't see anything abnormal. There are no bugs in your app, your models, or your settings... it's all about django-tagging :-/

So, I'm looking forward to building more features into this thing, doing more with Django, and starting to make LinuxLaboratory useful again. Eventually I'll move the articles back over from the old site for those who found them useful. For now, stay tuned for updates, and bear with me!

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